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Lucia la Rosa & Julián Olivares (PER-ESP)

The seed journey

Lucía La Rosa from Peru and Julián Olivares from Spain merge in a gathering to tell a story about Latino-American folkloric music. In this musical path they take us to various countries: we visit Peru, enjoying their Afro-Peruvian rhythms and also the Andian influences; then we fly to Cuba to appreciate the typical danzón, from there we go on to Brazil to get close to the mythical bossa-nova, and finally to Mexico where we can be delighted with their boleros and typical native music influences.

“This project was born with the haunting desire to rediscover those roots that we all carry inside. We wanted to reconnect with those sounds that were familiar to us because we had heard them when we were children. It is this research in the origin, in our history, in our memories that perhaps can give us some clues about who we are today. Along with the research, a vital purpose of the project is, above all, to thank and appreciate all those wonderful and intangible gifts that history and culture give us.”

Lucía la Rosa – vocals

Julián Olivares – guitar