Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Subhira Quartet (CHL)

Babel Camp Ruin Bar - july 16. tuesday 22:30

Music of the Chilean Subhira Quartet (led by the composer, musician and filmmaker Rodrigo Cepeda, sometimes called Subhira) combines musical traditions of Chile and other countries with classical music, esoteric music and new age. The visual component plays an important role in the work of this quartet. Their concerts are often accompanied by the screening of documentaries about the lives of different ethnicities. It is a band that will surely warm hearts of club-goers as well as fans of ethnic music festivals.

The soul of the band is Rodrigo Cepeda, alias Subhira, who, at first, wanted to be a veterinarian. Eventually, however, he graduated from a music school in Santiago, the capital of Chile, in 1995 (a special composition and arrangement). After more than twenty years on stage, he has produced 15 albums, played hundreds of concerts and did many international tours.

In 1993, Subhira also founded the Mundovivo Music Publishing House, where he produced and released albums of dozens of other Chilean artists. In addition to composing his own music, which he plays with various music groups, Subhira composed a lot of music for Chilean documentaries and short films. Apart from busy schedule, he still finds time to organize the festival Las Condes (world music), which is held annually in Santiago. The festival has been a thing for nearly 20 years, and is regularly attended by musicians not only from Chile, but also from other Latin American countries, Africa, Asia and Europe.